Why You Should Meal Prep on Sunday or Monday?

Why You Should Meal Prep on Sunday or Monday

Among avid food preppers, Sunday is the most popular option for meal prepping. For most people, this is a day of rest, and so it is not difficult to devote a few hours out of their afternoon to planning and prepping their meals. Those who do prep their meals on Sundays report experiencing higher rates of satisfaction and less stress because meal planning is one more chore they can knock off their weekly list ahead of time. They also report being able to relax more often.

meal prep on sunday or monday

Of course, when it comes to meal planning, Sunday is only one of seven options you have to choose from. For example, it is better to plan meals for two days on a Wednesday afternoon than to not plan at all. Research has shown that those who eat the same healthy breakfast everyday tend to live a healthier lifestyle because they have removed the option of splurging on unhealthy food. The more often you are able to do this, the healthier your overall lifestyle will be.

Regardless of what day you choose to prep your meals, you need to set up your routine and environment so you can eat mindlessly, but in a healthier manner. A simple guideline to follow is that each meal should include a carbohydrate serving combined with a protein serving or a fat paired with a protein. Ideally, you should eat a meal like this every 3 hours.

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